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VIDEO: This is How A B-52H Lands in a Crosswind And Stays Completely Sideways While Deploying A Parachute and Slowing Down On The Runway

SHARE THIS >> Have you ever seen how a B-52H lands on a regular basis? The B-52H has crosswind crabangle controls on all four gears at the same time, they are not independent.  This is why the B-52H can stay sideways while it slows down on the runway. Most planes only steer the front gear. The tip gear is really only used on take off with full fuel load. When the jet lands the wings are mostly, if not completely, empty and have no need. However, the gear will still be dropped just in case. Now if that is not spectacular enough, wait for the parachute to deploy. Quite the sight. The 2nd video is of the 23rd Bomber Sqn of the 5th Bomber Wing based at Minot AFB in North Dakota coming in to land on R/W 09 at RAF Fairford during the Royal International Air Tattoo (RIAT).Watch the video’s below.


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