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VIDEO: These SAR Helicopter Hoist Operations by NHV and KNRM Ter Heijde Save Lives

By 08/02/2023March 25th, 2023Trending

A few days ago, a helicopter video was sent to me, and after briefly chatting with the videographer Roy Storm, and checking out his other videos on his Youtube channel, I decided to post these two videos on my blog because they where well put together, looked great, and deserve a lot more eyeballs on them. A few other reasons that wanted me to share this, besides that I’m a helicopter pilot and I simply love helicopters, is that the Eurocopter AS365 N3 Dauphin is my absolute favorite helicopter. It’s such a slick looking heliwacker with some incredible performance. Seeing the Dutch coast made me miss my homeland since I live in Florida, but hey, the Florida coast is not bad either right? And, here I get to see the USCG Dauphin flying by the Florida coastline… awesome! And last but certainly not least, I have respect for all SAR operations, in this case conducted by NHV Helicopters and KNRM Ter Heijde. Seeing these Skilled Pilots™ and professionals at work, knowing that they go out in sometimes the most extreme weather to save lives, gets my utmost respect. That’s why they need to be put in the spotlight, and these two videos will do just that. The first video is about their hoist operations, and the second one showcases the Dauphin with some stunning 360 degree views. Watch the videos in HD below and leave a comment with your thoughts below.

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