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VIDEO: The Royal Dutch Air Force Flew Band Kensington in an AS532 Cougar to Perform at 5 Cities for the Dutch Independence Day Festival

SHARE THIS > May 5th is also the Dutch Independence Day, and is always celebrated with a nationwide Independence Day Festival. This year the band Kensington were the freedom ambassadors, and were flown by the Royal Dutch Air Force to perform at 5 different cities. DJ of radio station 3FM, and aviation enthusiast Coen Swijnenberg, followed Kensington on their tour over The Netherlands in an AS532 Cougar helicopter, which is the military version of the commercial SA330 Super Puma by Eurocopter. The “5” denotes it is a military version. With some low altitude flying over tree tops, steep turns, buzzing some control towers at Schiphol Amsterdam airport, and music by Kensington’s new single Streets, this is a great video. Since I’m Dutch, listen to the 3FM Coen en Sander Show every day from Dallas TX, I like Kensington, and I’m a helicopter pilot myself, I had a real Dutch proud feeling watching this video. Thanks Coen! Nicely done. Watch the video in HD below.

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