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VIDEO: Skilled Glider Pilots and Skilled Wingsuit Skydivers Performing an Aerial Ballet Stunt 12,000 Feet Over The Mountains of Austria

SHARE THIS >> Have you ever seen 5 wingsuit skydivers forming up with 2 LET-23 Blanik sailplanes, one of which flies inverted? That’s what you are about to see!  After 1 year of successful planning, these Skilled Glider Pilots and Skilled Wingsuit Skydivers, performed this stunt 12,000 feet over the mountains of Austria. By finding a common speed between the wingsuit skydivers and the sailplanes, they were able to successfully perform this extraordinary stunt.  Who else than The Red Bull Team can perform such a spectacular stunt high in the skies above Austria?!? This is worthy of any James Bond film. Watch the video below.


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