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VIDEO: Private Pilot Unintentionally Gets His Aircraft into a Flat Spin and Loses 2,800 Feet in 40 Seconds

By 08/02/2013December 13th, 2013Popular Posts, Trending

SHARE THIS >> Getting yourself into a flat spin is something you do not want to happen. Unfortunately this happened to this private pilot. On the way down, losing 2,800 feet in less than 40 seconds and spinning approximately 26 times, his engine stalls, he tries to restart it but can’t, and then has to make an emergency landing in a field. This must have been the most terrifying ride of his life! Thank god he could recover from the flat spin and make a safe but hard landing. Watch this amazing video below:


  • I'm sure he needed a new pair of boxers after this landing!

  • Congratulations you made it back!

  • Josh Davis says:

    Re: Restart
    Flat spin would have slung the fuel outboard in the wings. That’s
    why the engine stalled. He would have needed the aux pump on and at
    least 15 seconds AFTER he halted the spin in order to restart the engine. He didn’t have the luxury of that much time after ending the spin. Once you’re under 500 feet, you’re committed to the emergency landing.

    Re: Spin entry
    Poor control handling while power-off stalled shouldn’t have been that abrupt of a drop and rotate. It looks as if he MAY have intentionally entered the spin. If this plane had tip tanks, that would make it harder to exit the spin, due to the outboard rotational inertia, vs the low rudder authority.

    Re: Spin recovery
    can only happen stalled. Stop the stall, and the plane will keep flying. Stop the rotation with the rudder, and stop the
    stall by lowering the nose. At the end, he lowered the nose enough to gain relative wind, which gave him the rudder authority to stop the rotation. This can be heard by the quick increase in airflow sound.

  • fake title and info. This spin was commanded. This is an aerobatic airplane, he could leave the spin as soon as he entered. There is a type if competition to see who does more spins and is common to turn off the engine to reduce the torque effect and restart the engine later, but, in this video, that gone wrong.

  • Daryl Bortel says:

    I bet that highway looked mighty inviting to land on instead of the swampy area…It didn't sound like he panicked, good for him…now it's time to clean out the undies and access the damage…

  • Glenn Jossy Joss says:

    Steep turns were too steep and then to come out of those straight into a stall is a bit daft if this pilot had no experience ! When the engine stopped whilst stalling the nose should have gone down immediately and the initial spin controlled with ailerons and rudder before it developed. No attempt to restart and perhaps pre flight checks not carried out at throttle fully closed ?? Main thing is he probably walked away so a good landing !

  • Harry Stocker says:

    all the comments are right on

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