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VIDEO: My Epic Aerobatic Flight with Kirby Chambliss in His Red Bull Edge 540T Stunt Plane

By 15/09/2014November 14th, 2014Trending

Share This: Where do I even start? It was incredible! I was nervous as soon as I got the news that I had the opportunity go up with Kirby in his Edge 540T aerobatic. Kirby Chambliss is a Two-time Red Bull Air Race World Champion and Five Time United States National Aerobatic Champion. A true Skilled Pilot! The dual controls on the passenger side are normally taken out on these kind of flights, but I asked if they could be put in so that I could do some flying as well. They did, ha, great! So we took off from Alliance Airport KAFW and I flew it out of Class B airspace where Kirby took over and let me experience some proper aerobatic flying. I asked him to do everything you normally see at an airshow, hammerheads, backwards flying, loops, rolls, cartwheels, end over end, and much more, oh yeah, and then he showed me a snap roll, that’s what you see in this video. Mmm, was not too crazy about that one, haha. At some points during the aerobatic flight we experienced up to 7G’s. Kirby was the nicest guy too fly with and made sure I was always ok. Honestly, I was worried about puking and/or blacking out but thankfully none of that happened, but I was close. He then let me do some aileron rolls, barrel rolls, and loops myself, which was cool. The responsiveness on this airplane is phenomenal, small inputs have direct impact, just as flying a helicopter. After getting a taste of how its like in a real Red Bull Air Race stunt plane, I can’t wait to go and see the Red Bull Air Race in Ft. Worth at the Texas Motor Speedway, Sept. 6th and 7th. You should come too! Get your tickets at or win tickets by showing us your #GFace on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Watch the video in HD below.