VIDEO: Impressive Engine-Out Aerobatics Performed By Legend Of Aviation Bob Hoover In An Aero Commander Shrike

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Mr. Hoover was recognized as one of the greatest airshow pilots of all time and is probably best remembered for his incredible exhibitions in the Aero Commander Shrike, a passenger aircraft never intended for use as seen here. But, as demonstrated in this video, Bob Hoover could do it! Doing barrel rolls after take-off, side-slips at 120 mph, and one-wheel landings that he finds it harder to land on both wheels because he made so many one-wheel landings. He performs an 8 point roll at 250 mph, dead-engine 8 point roll at 250 mph rolling into the dead-engine, a loop with one engine shut down, and an 8 point roll with both engines shut down. As the finale he turns both engines of and combines all maneuvers together, performing a loop, a 360 degrees barrel roll and then lands it, on one wheel of course. Impressive! We won’t forget you Mr. Hoover. Godspeed!


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