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VIDEO: Impressive Engine-Out Aerobatics Performed By Legend Of Aviation Bob Hoover In An Aero Commander Shrike

By 10/02/2023March 25th, 2023Trending

Mr. Hoover was recognized as one of the greatest airshow pilots of all time and is probably best remembered for his incredible exhibitions in the Aero Commander Shrike, a passenger aircraft never intended for use as seen here. But, as demonstrated in this video, Bob Hoover could do it! Doing barrel rolls after take-off, side-slips at 120 mph, and one-wheel landings that he finds it harder to land on both wheels because he made so many one-wheel landings. He performs an 8 point roll at 250 mph, dead-engine 8 point roll at 250 mph rolling into the dead-engine, a loop with one engine shut down, and an 8 point roll with both engines shut down. As the finale he turns both engines of and combines all maneuvers together, performing a loop, a 360 degrees barrel roll and then lands it, on one wheel of course. Impressive! We won’t forget you Mr. Hoover. Godspeed!

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