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VIDEO: Engine Failure And Forced Landing After Spotting The Finish Line For The 2013 Air Race of Champions In Ulundi

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Share This > After spotting the finish line for the 2013 Race of Champions in Ulundi, Pilot Christiaan Richardson and Navigator Christiaan Vosloo started recording this video. About twenty seconds later their engine failed. They switched fuel tanks and she started up again for about 2 seconds before dying completely. They couldn’t get her running so they decided to land on a river bank. As they slowed down the prop stopped wind-milling and later on the weight of the nose fell into the loose sand. The cause is unknown but a vapor lock was suspected in the fuel lines. The plane was inspected by engineers and flown out of the river bank by Chris Briers two hours later. Watch the video in HD below and leave a comment.


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