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VIDEO: Beautiful Scenic And Challenging Approach Into Milford Sound Airport in New Zealand

Share This > Here is a great view from the wing of a small Cessna light aircraft coming into land at Milford Sound Airport, Fiordland, New Zealand.  Milford Sound Airport (MFN) is a small but very busy (in terms of flight movements) airport in New Zealands Fiordland region of the South Island. It is mainly used by tourist / flightseeing operators. With the addition of the airstrip, it was recorded that by 1964 more than 400 tourists were taking the ‘Gateway to Magnificence Experience’ flight each month at peak holiday time. Over the years the airstrip has been upgraded and lengthened till today’s sealed strip of 792 metres. In order for Southern Scenic Airtrips and National Airways Corporation (NAC) to be able to fly the larger twin-engine aircraft into the area the airstrip became officially licensed in 1956. Watch the video in HD and leave a comment below.

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