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PHOTOS: Hilarious Airplane Livery for a Boeing 737, Flying For Dummies 101

By 30/01/2013November 29th, 2013Popular Posts, Trending

The airline Kulula Air wrapped a Boeing 737 with an interesting livery with details about where the co-captain sits, where the fuel tanks are and much more. They call it the “Flying 101” livery and it also includes hilarious remarks along with the labels. For example the direction pointing to the toilet reads “mile-high inititation chamber” and in the nose of the airplane it is hiding a “radar, antenna and a really big dish inside”. If you see the pilot checking the labels before flying….that is not a good sign J. Kulula Air loves to fly and if they can make you smile while they are flying you the better. Whether you’re flying for leisure or business they will get you there safely and happy! We would say that this strategy definitely demystifies air travel for the general public. Have a look at the hilarious photos below:




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