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IMAGE: Did They Find Amelia Earhart’s Airplane? Check Out This Sonar Image!

By 31/05/2013November 29th, 2013Trending

The remains of Amelia Earhart’s plane, just offshore a remote south Pacific island, might have been found according to a group of scientists at The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery (TIGHAR). They took this grainy sonar image. They have been searching for answers to one of history’s great mysteries. Earhart’s plane is believed to have crashed in 1937, located near Nikumaroro in the southwestern Pacific nation of Kiribati. TIGHAR says that the grainy sonar image is the right size, the right shape, and is in the right place for it to be the Lockheed Electra aircraft.

“We’re not going to know until we can get back out there and we’re not going to get back out there until we settle the debts from the last trip and raise the money for the next one,” says TIGHAR.” Meanwhile, we can’t help but wonder what else was missed in the sonar data. The next step, therefore, is a complete review of all the sonar data by independent experts.”

What do you think, could this be her plane? You can read the full over at TIGHAR.

Image credit: TIGHAR


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