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Episode #1 – How to Fly to 50 States with a Light Sport Aircraft. Michael Combs of Flight for the Human Spirit

By 10/08/2013November 29th, 2013Latest Episodes

I interviewed Michael Combs of Flight for the Human Spirit. Michael is the pilot of “Hope One” and flew his Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) Remos GX to all 50 states and stopped in over 134 cities and towns across the United States. Michael talks about the various world records he has set, challenges along his flights, gives a tour of his airplane and cockpit, tells about how his airplane got transported to Hawaii on a C-5 Galaxy and more. You can find more information on Michael’s website

I apologize for the audio volume going up and down. We tested the microphone thoroughly before we started recording this very first episode, but somehow it gave sound issues. We did not use the microphone in the second video and the sound was great! Go figure…

Cockpit tour of Michael Combs’ REMOS GX light sport aircraft (LSA).


  • Michael Combs says:

    Great interview Marc! You sure brought out a natural side of me. I appreciated your questions and your sincere interest.

  • Gerry Jurrens says:

    I've been following Michael all along! Very inspirational!

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