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EARN 40% COMMISSION, $36.00 Per Listing Per Month!

Thank you for your interest in our affiliate program! SkilledPilots.com is a Premier Aviation Directory where aviation businesses can add their business and get massive online exposure. If you are already have an aviation related website, you can simply add a banner of ours to your website and as soon as an aviation business signs up to our aviation directory you get ongoing recurring monthly commissions!

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(1) About the affiliate program:

Earn 40% commission via Clickbank that results in $36.00 per listing per month! As long as the aviation business keeps their listing on our aviation directory you will get this commission every single month!

Step 1: You will need to sign up for a free ClickBank account to receive credit for sales referred to us.

Step 2: Create your affiliate link by clicking on the button below and insert your Clickbank Account Nickname to generate your affiliate link. Your Clickbank Username will be your Clickbank Account Nickname.


(2) Our affiliate links are tested and are tracking sales properly with 60 day cookies! It is possible that you refer someone to our website and they sign up for a free listing for 30 days. Once the free listing expires after 30 days the client will receive an email saying that their listing has expired and if they want to keep their aviation business listed on our website they will need to purchase the advertising and the client will be redirected to the sales page. Since we have 60 day cookies you will still get credit for this sale and get monthly commissions of 40% per listing!

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Aviation Directory

Aviation Directory

Aviation Directory

(4) Please be sure you are in compliance with FTC guidelines regarding testimonials and endorsements. We will be making every effort to ensure all of our affiliates are in compliance. You may read the guidelines here:


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