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Testimonial from Mitch Larrivee from Traxair Flight Academy:
Thank you so much! You can never get enough PR, and SkilledPilots certainly understands that!
Listing your company on a site like SkilledPilots helps with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts, but the service of PR via a premium press release, twitter mention, and being featured on is unprecedented.

Testimonial from the iFlightPlanner Crew: is proving to be one of the best new online resources to increase exposure for your personal or corporate brand.  Their clean, intuitive aviation directory allowed us to create a listing that best represents iFlightPlanner while making it easy for pilots to find and learn more about our comprehensive suite of flight planning resources.

Testimonial from Elizabeth Hancy, Program Director of Angel Flight SC:
As a non-profit organization, we are always looking for ways to create awareness about our services. has provided us with a wonderful resource to connect with people through their extensive pilot network and social media following.  After they featured us on Twitter and Facebook, more people began following us on our own pages. We are very
grateful for their support and the efforts they took to bring us into the spotlight!

Testimonial from Scott Biondo of Charter Flight Group – Private Jet Charter Service:
Wow! How refreshing it is to find a site committed to helping you get the word out about your aviation-related business. The new directory definitely helped us quickly expose our charter flight business to the world with a nice listing, special features, press releases and tweets. Thanks SkilledPilots! We appreciate your attention to the important details that help businesses succeed.

Testimonial from Sumaili Kaluluma, owner of Bag Track: is definitely the place to go if you would like your aviation business to be exposed globally. They were excellent to deal with, had a timely response and they are professional. We got everything we needed where exposure is concerned plus more. Simply amazing! Thank you.

Testimonial from Paul Stoakes, owner of Air365 App Aviation Incident Reports:
Having created a new iPad app for Aviation Incidents and wanting to engage a large audience of aviation professionals at a price that wouldn’t break the ban, I was really pleased to find After a quick review of the services and a quick discussion with their very helpful staff, I agreed to go ahead with the featured listing, a premium press release and a tweet to their following to assist with getting the word out there about my product. What can I say,
easily the best $350 I’ve spent out of my marketing budget, I’m getting good quality hits from the both website, Twitter and the press release that went to over 500 media outlets, a 30% increase in traffic to the site, a very good percentage of credible back links for my domain and after sales follow which is hard to beat. I would definitely recommend the package.
Definitely will keep in touch, take care and good luck with your business.

Testimonial from Leonard Assante of Aviation Access Project: is proving a useful resource to increase awareness of our brand in the aviation community. They are simple to use, easy to work with, and fully understanding of the fiscal restraints most new businesses have. The site is clearly committed to helping get the word out about aviation-related businesses, which is good not only for our business, but for the industry as a whole. Their press release service puts them head and shoulders above the usual litany of job boards and career sites out there. Thanks Skilled Pilots!

Testimonial from Thomas Duffy, COO of Vision of Flight:
Being a non-profit organization, every dime that we spend (regardless of what it is for) is carefully tracked and accounted for. One of our largest expenses is marketing and promotions; this helps attract donations and revenues, allowing our students to excel in their training and goals. allowed and assisted us to reach a broader and more diverse demographic, expanding our virtual/social reach, and attracting new followers/fans to our mission. We can’t thank you enough!

Testimonial from James Ralph, Marketing Director of Futuris Aviation: is providing a useful marketing tool that’s simple to use, with features that aid businesses to advertise their best bits and gain a following from other markets. We look forward to the success that will come with press releases and interacting with other interesting businesses that have already signed up to this new aviation directory.

Testimonial from Marjorie of The Abingdon Co Crew: is a breath of fresh air for its ease of use. To be able to go to one place, load up our business listing, and have it automatically sent out across the globe is not only time saving but also money saving. I look forward to our analytics after each press release is sent out through Thank you for making it easy for aviation businesses!

Testimonial from Dorota Kowalska, CCO of Generavia Jet Rental:
For a new company like Generavia, which has just started to develop its position in the aviation market, advertising with turned out to be a hit! Thanks to their activity, creativity and network of contacts we were able to reach new markets, get our foot in the aviation industry and we could make ourselves known to potential customers. Thank you!

Testimonial from Anna Infante, VP of Sales and Marketing of
Thank you for helping us increase awareness of our brand in the aviation community! Your PR service is great and your website is easy to use! Your services have been a great addition to our Marketing efforts.

Testimonial from Anya So Melicoff, Social Media & Marketing of ASMCORP and GCM: is an excellent way of getting massive exposure in the Aviation Community!
Not to mention their impressive connections with media contacts of Newspapers, Radio and TV stations worldwide, which translates into real premium PR. We look forward to keep working with you guys. Thanks Skilled Pilots!

Testimonial from Carey Beam of Craig Technologies:
Whether we are looking for experienced talent, qualified business leads, or aviation industry news, offers a valuable comprehensive directory with the network to back it up.  We are pleased to be a part of the community and are excited to see our business grow alongside

Testimonial from Kerry Newstead of The Rotary Brantford Charity Air Show:, is one of the best ways to promote anything in aviation from airshows to airplanes. They have a very large network of connections and they get your valued information out there for the public to see.

Testimonial from Jonathan Felix of FlyJozi Helicopter Charter:
Thank you so much to SkilledPilots for promoting FlyJozi and giving us the exposure. Social media is the way forward and we at FlyJozi have taken that route. SkilledPilots have just accelerated the process and exposure. Thanks again & happy safe flying!