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Welcome aviation businesses, pilots and aviation enthusiasts! is the premier aviation directory where aviation businesses can add their business listing and get massive exposure online. Our mission is to bring aviation businesses in front of tens of thousands of pilots, aircraft owners and aviation enthusiasts, and vice versa, with inexpensive online advertising. is also a fast growing aviation community of skilled pilots, aircraft owners and aviation enthusiasts with respectively 17,600+ Facebook fans, and 14,300+ Twitter followers @skilledpilots. Our most important goal is to get the most exposure possible for the aviation businesses listed on our aviation directory, iPhone app and Android app.

To get the most exposure for the aviation businesses listed on our mobile friendly website, we blog about trending aviation news, use press releases, 17,600+ Facebook fan page, our 14,300+ Twitter followers account @skilledpilots, #skilledpilots, YouTube channel with over 3 million views, and other media outlets.

We have already been noticed and mentioned by 450+ highest ranked media outlets worldwide such as ABC News, Boston Globe, Miami Herald, The Columbus Dispatch, The Telegraph, San Francisco Chronicle, Sign On San Diego , Star Telegram, The Tribune, The Times Union New York, The Canada Standard, Australian Herald, India Gazette, Irish Sun, Japan Herald, New Zealand Star, The UK News, Australian News, Ireland news, Mexico News, Netherlands News, Sweden News, Abu Dhabi News and Dubai News just to name a few. This does not even include the 45+ Radio and TV stations such as Fox News, CBS News, News Channel 9 and many more affiliated stations.

Our website is also optimized to be viewed on mobile devices and smartphones. Check it out yourself. Grab your phone or tablet and go to

Testimonial from Mitch Larrivee from Traxair Flight Academy:
Thank you so much! You can never get enough PR, and SkilledPilots certainly understands that!
Listing your company on a site like SkilledPilots helps with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts, but the service of PR via  a press release, twitter mention, and being featured on is unprecedented.

Testimonial from the iFlightPlanner Crew: is proving to be one of the best new online resources to increase exposure for your personal or corporate brand.  Their clean, intuitive aviation directory allowed us to create a listing that best represents iFlightPlanner while making it easy for pilots to find and learn more about our comprehensive suite of flight planning resources.

Testimonial from Elizabeth Hancy, Program Director of Angel Flight SC:
As a non-profit organization, we are always looking for ways to create awareness about our services. has provided us with a wonderful resource to connect with people through their extensive pilot network and social media following.  After they featured us on Twitter and Facebook, more people began following us on our own pages. We are very
grateful for their support and the efforts they took to bring us into the spotlight!

Testimonial from Scott Biondo of Charter Flight Group – Private Jet Charter Service:
Wow! How refreshing it is to find a site committed to helping you get the word out about your aviation-related business. The new directory definitely helped us quickly expose our charter flight business to the world with a nice listing, special features, press releases and tweets. Thanks SkilledPilots! We appreciate your attention to the important details that help businesses succeed.

Testimonial from Leonard Assante of Aviation Access Project: is proving a useful resource to increase awareness of our brand in the aviation community. They are simple to use, easy to work with, and fully understanding of the fiscal restraints most new businesses have. The site is clearly committed to helping get the word out about aviation-related businesses, which is good not only for our business, but for the industry as a whole. Their press release service puts them head and shoulders above the usual litany of job boards and career sites out there. Thanks Skilled Pilots!

Testimonial from Sumaili Kaluluma, owner of Bag Track: is definitely the place to go if you would like your aviation business to be exposed globally. They were excellent to deal with, had a timely response and they are professional. We got everything we needed where exposure is concerned plus more. Simply amazing! Thank you.

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