VIDEOS: Insane 81+ Turn World Record Inverted Flat Spin From 23,000 Feet To 1,500 Feet In A Pitts S-2B By Spencer Suderman

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Share This > Skilled pilot and airshow performer, Spencer Suderman, has most likely set a new world record with an 81+ turn, inverted flat spin, in a Pitss S-2B. Can you imagine being cleared for an inverted flat spin from 23,000 feet to 1,500 feet by L.A. center? It only took around 3.5 minutes to drop like a rock to 1,500 feet. Spencer was wearing an oxygen mask, gloves, and several layers of clothes to cope with the outside air temperature of negative 9 degrees Fahrenheit. He recorded the entire event with 3 onboard HD video cameras, and you can watch 2 of these recorded videos below. What an accomplishment, great job Spencer! Watch them and leave a comment below.
81+ Turn World Record Inverted Flat Spin

World Record Inverted Flat Spin Pilot View


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