VIDEO: Aerobatics And Cloud Surfing With MIG-29 Fulcrum’s Equals Spectacular Video!

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These skilled pilots of the 22BLT Malbork know how to fly, and edit a cool video from their aerobatics and cloud surfing. They know how to have a fun time, and more and more videos and pictures “selfies” of them surface on a regular basis. Keep’m coming! Digging the rolls at 0:37, the odd reflection in the canopy that looks like a corporate jet at 0:51, the split at 1:20, the look in reverse mirror at 1:38, the super low fly-by below and between the two Migs at 1:55 (look carefully or you will miss it, split second), cloud surfing starting at 2:30, canopy open at 4:02, simply an awesome video! Watch the video in HD and leave a comment below.

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